Hi!  I am Mrs. Rodriguez (or Miss Reddy, depending on when you met me :) ) and I am a Kindergarten teacher.  I graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, and a Master’s Degree in Reading.  I also recently became certified to be an ESL teacher, and am studying for my test on the bilingual portion of this certification.

Mrs. Rodriguez

I began teaching at Iroquois West in 1991.  I have taught preschool (3 years), First Grade (13 years), and now am settling into my sixth year of Kindergarten.  I enjoy children of all ages, epecially the ones I have at home…Lili (a Sixth Grader this year) and Freddie (a Third Grader this year)


2012-07-05 11.24.42

2012-07-05 11.27.15

2012-07-05 11.27.33

Our friend, Mrs. Murphy, took these pictures for us last summer.  Can you tell who does not like to have their picture taken??

We also love to hang out and read books or play with toys or look for fun things to do on the computer.  Lili and Freddie spend lots of time riding bikes, puttering around outside, and playing Minecraft.


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